What Other Medications Can Be Used with Accutane?

I currently started taking accutane 40 mg/ day. I am just wondering if it is ok to 1. Take benzoyl peroxide while on teh medication ? 2. Take differin ? 3. Or Dalcin T ? Usually i take all three of them untill now .. i place first the Dalcin T. Then after that with 5 min i mix the differin and benzoyl peroxide, is that safe ? And do you recommend any soap or face wash while am on accutane ?

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Tetracycline must be avoided while on Accutane

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It is always very important to inform all your doctors of all your medications at every visit. Even over the counter medications, vitamins, and supplements might be important. For example, tetracycline combined with Accutane can raise intracranial pressures and even put pressure on the optic nerve. Both meds are common acne medications and if you are not careful about disclosing all medications, you could get into trouble. Topical medications can't cause a serious problem while on Accutane, but can increase the dryness that Accutane can cause.

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Other medications and Accutane

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I'm hoping that you were prescribed Accutane by a physician and not just taking it on your own.... however, it sounds like that might not be the case because your physician should have advised you what is safe to take and use! I do not recommend patients take any other oral medications while on Accutane. Some topicals - mild ones - are ok at first but usually not necessary after the first month and can be even more irritating. Your skin is going to be very dry and irritated on Accutane, so most Rx topicals are too strong and unnecessary. I recommend light liquid soaps like Dove or Cetaphil, a good moisturizer for the full body and face, sunscreen (daily!), and a great lip balm like Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. But again, your prescribing doctor should have specifics on what he or she wants you to use - consult the doctor!

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