Will Medicare cover the cost to have the excess skin removed after a mastectomy?

The skin on her chest wall looks like pleats. She had a mastectomy on the other side years ago and that side is flat. She would like to get the excess skin removed so she can wear her prosthetic bra for an extended period of time. When she wears her bra too long it sometimes creates a raw spot under her arm.

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Will Medicare cover the cost to have the excess skin removed after a mastectomy?

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Certainly, given the issues and complaints, it would be reasonable to explore the idea. I would consult with your surgeon and discuss your complaints and concerns. If the mastectomy was for breast cancer, I would think that MediCare would consider this a covered benefit. Thank you for the question!

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Medicare coverage for Mastectomy Revision?

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If the problem results from medically necessary surgery (which appears to be the case), and there is documentation that there are problems with the prosthesis due to excess skin folds, Medicare will most likely cover correction.  Best thing is to return to your mastectomy surgeon for the correction .  If he is uncomfortable with the correction (unlikely) he will refer you to aplastic surgeon..  Good luck.

William A. Terranova, MD
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