Will Medicare Cover a Medically Necessary Abdominalplasty?

I had a hystrectomy when I was 31. Then they had to go back in a year later to remove the last ovary. Since this I have always had a constant struggle with the over-hanging mothers-apron. I had a surgery to have my rectal wall repaired, now I am having those issues again, plus accidently wetting, and breathing problems while laying on back. My urologist wants a plastic surgeon to do a adominalplasty He says it is medically necessary.Will this be covered by my insurance?

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Insurance for TT

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It is hard to say if your insurance will cover your abdominoplasty, even if your urologist says it is medically necessary.  
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Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to say whether insurance will cover the surgery. The best way to know is to go visit a surgeon who would be willing to perform the procedure through insurance and he/she can submit an authorization letter to the insurance company to see if they approve it. It will be helpful to have a letter from your Urologist as well.

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