Medical Malpractice? Mommy Makeover and Eyebag Removal, But Not Signs of Surgery on Eyes?

I was scheduled for a mommy makeover plus lower eye procedure to remove the bags. When I woke up, they had performed all the other procedures, but NOT the lower eye procedure. HOWEVER my eyes looked fabulous! Not a bag to be found in site! They are avoiding all conversation about ANY eye procedure! Yes I was charged for it, yes its in the contract.They must of given me some type of filler? Obviously without my consent!

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Talk to your doctors

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I am glad that your eyes look "fabulous" and that is what is more important. There are many ways to make eye bags disappear. One may remove fat from inside the eyelids with very minimal incisions or even with liposuction probes. The other possibility is that of using the same fat which has been removed from other body parts to inject in the areas around the eye bags giving more natural look.

In your case, you should directly ask the same question to your doctors and I am sure they may be able to explain it well.

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No Signs of Eyelid Surgery but Bag Improvement

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   Pictures would help in this situation, preop and postop, to give an idea of the anatomical change that took place.  It is very difficult to remove true eyelid bags by injecting filler. 

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