Do I Need to Do a Medical Examination to Do Cellulaze?

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The consultation with the sureon is usually all that is required to have the ceullaze procedure unless there are medical issues your surgeon is concerned about. This will be addressed by the surgeon prior to the procedure, but in general healthy individuals do not require an additional visit to their primary physician before the procedure. If you are concerned though, certainly ask your surgeon this question.

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Cellulaze for Cellulite

Yes, I physical exam is needed during your consultation.  I would recommend you learn more about Cellulaze - the FDA approved one time definitive treatment for cellulite.  Cellulaze utilizes a 1440 nm wavelength laser to accomplish 3 things:  1) melt away fat bulging out 2) break up fibrous septae (attachments) that create the indentations and 3) help thicken the dermis (skin) to prevent future recurrence.   The procedure can take between 60-90 minutes and can be completed under local or just IV sedation (depending on the length of your procedure and number of areas being treated). To see your final results takes between 3-6 months. You can visit the cellulaze . com website to learn more about the procedure. Best of luck!

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Yes, a formal consultation with  a board certified plastic surgeon is required before your cellulaze procedure.

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Cellulite Treatments in Los Angeles

I perform the Brazilian Cellulite Treatment and have found it important to examine patients before surgery. This is sometimes more difficult for those travelling from out of town, but is certainly important to determine eligibility for the procedure. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Medical examination prior to Cellulaze

A medical examination is necessary prior to any surgical procedures, Cellulaze is no exception. You should have a pertinent medical history and focused medical examination to make sure that you are in good general health and suitable candidate for the Cellulaze procedure. The extent of the medical evaluation will depend on the amount and type of risk factors that you may have. Finally, you should have a face to face consultation with the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure on you. You need be informed about your treatment options, pertinent risks and possible complications related to Cellulaze. While this is a safe procedure typically performed under local anesthesia, you should still be evaluated prior to the treatment.

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Medical Examination and Cellulaze

Your physician will ask a few key questions when having Cellulaze performed.  A medical history is taken for this procedure.  This is a routine with any medical procedure that is surgical in nature.  Your physician will exam the area to be treated.  This may include a more detailed exam if the physician feels it is necessary.

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Medical Exam prior to Cellulaze

Prior to Cellulaze you need to have an exam of the area to be treated by the surgeon performing the procedure.  Prior to any surgery, a medical history is taken and if you have any existing health issues you may be asked to have medical clearance by the physician that treats/cares for that condition that states you are well enough to undergo an elective surgical procedure like Cellulaze.  The majority of patients do not need general anesthesia for Cellulaze and don't generally require an extensive work up prior to their procedure. 

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Medical examination prior to Cellulaze

Typically you will have to fill out paperwork describing your medical history. This is important just to let your surgeon know about your history and any concerns you may have.

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Need for examination for Cellulaze

It is always important to get a medical examination before undergoing any procedure.  Patient safety should always be first, especially in elective procedures.  While Cellulaze is a mostly safe procedure, a patient should be in good general health.  Also, a realistic discussion with your surgeon should be had prior to the procedure to understand what kind of results can be expected.

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Medical examination for cellulaze

The exam by your surgeon is the key to educating you about the likelihood of success with cellulaze.  Your surgeon should take a complete medical history to make sure the procedure can be carried out safely.  If you have good skin tone,  cellulite that is not extremely severe, and you are in good health cellulaze tends to produce results that are very pleasing.

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