Medical Conditions That Stop One from Having Lifestyle Lift?

What medical conditions preclude one from having a Lifestyle Lift?

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Medical conditions inhibiting Facelift, Quicklift, or Lifestyle lift

When considering any facelift procedure, patients should not be smoking or on any blood thinners. Any recent cardiac or respiratory history  may be contradictory.If a patient has a detailed past and/or present medical history may require a medical clearence from  your primary care physian.

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How do we know if you are a candidate if we don't understand the LL procedure is?

If you are trusting enough to have a LL surgeon do your surgery, I would trust them to conduct a medical evaluation of your health and determine if you are a suitable candidate.

This is not a procedure which the rest of us plastic surgeons understand because the techniques are unpublished and not widely available to evaluation and testing. Therefore, we hesitate to comment on a procedure we don't understand.

This would be similar to asking if you are allergic to a food product whose ingredients were unknown to you.

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