Medical Clearance Letter from Primary Doctor. How Old Can A Document Be?

Hi I just wanted to know how old can a medical clearance letter be from my primary doctor for clearance of breast reduction and abdominal panniculectomy and hernia procedure.

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Medical Clearance letters

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The requirement of a letter of medical clearance depends on the overall health of the patient undergoing the proposed surgery. How recent it needs to be usually depends on the requirements set by the surgical facility where the surgery is planned and the anesthesiologist. In our facility, we typically request that the clearance be within 30 days of the procedure. In some limited instances, we will accept a clearance that is older, provided that there have been no changes in the patient's health or medications.

As in all instances, the safety of the patient is our primary consideration, and we err on the side of caution with our preoperative requirements.

I hope that this is helpful and wish you luck with your upcoming surgery.


Jeff Rockmore

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