Will Medicad Cover Tooth Erosion Fixing?

I am 23 years old and i have some tooth erosion on the top and bottom. My son and i have medicaid, so i was wondering would Virginia Medicaid cover me to get my teeth fixed because i almost stay in constant pain.

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These programs have all hit budget issues and as a result many of the "non-essential" procedures for getting people out of pain have been eliminated.

State programs will not cover cosmetic or restorative for people over 18 now.

San Jose Dentist

Medicaid Coverage for Tooth Erosion

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You mentioned you live in Virginia with your son.  I am assured your son is covered for restorative procedures up to age of 21.  As for your coverage, every state applies different laws regarding dental coverage under medicaid. I am a dentist in Los Angeles, California and our state covers all children up to the age of 21 but adults are pretty much out of luck.  To qualify for Dentical or Medicaid in California , you have to an adult who is living is an assisted living center or pregnant women who's medical doctor feels that her oral health could affect the baby's health.  The rest of the adult population has no dental coverage which is a very sad thing to find anywhere in the United States.  My suggestion to you is to contact your local Medicaid office and find out exactly what your state's laws are regarding adults  and also make sure it does cover your son. If they do not cover adults ,find a local free dental clinic in your area and also check out dental schools if you live close to a University that has a dental school. You will be able to have it done at a minimal cost but there might be a waiting period depending on how many people are waiting ahead of you. Good luck and God Bless

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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