Medial Thigh Lift Surgery Needed? (photo)

Hello, I am looking to get a Medial Thigh Lift done by a professional skilled doctor that has done many Thigh Lift Surgeries. I have been reviewed and I know this is what I am needing. I am looking for a skilled doctor that cost is no more than 4500. This was the price that I was giving per FL. This is all included accept the garments. I am then in the near future going to get the Brazilian Butt Lift but as of now I was told I DONOT have enough fat to transfer. 147lbs 5'6"?

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Medial Thigh Lift

    If a groin crease incision is used, the surgery will take at least 2 hrs.  If the scar is extended onto the thigh, the surgery will take at least 3 hrs.  $4500 would be an unrealistically low fee that would barely cover the OR cost and anesthesia fees.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Medial Thigh Lift

If the $4500 represents surgeon's fee, accredited operating room and anesthesia, I don't know any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who could do a medial thigh lift for this fee.

Medial thigh lifts take time and require general anesthesia and good post-operative care.

If the fee quoted was from someone who doesn't do this surgery or does it without adequate training or skills or operates at a non-accredited operation room... the fee is low for a reason. Hope this helps.


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