I Had a Medial Thigh Lift on Sept.4th. (Groin) at What Point Will the Swelling Subside?

i can see the fatty rolls are gone but my thighs are pink on inside from rubbing when i walk. i feel like there are huge boulder rocks in each thigh. i am moving as much as possible. the pain is not unbearable but it is VERY uncomfortable. and I am taking my percoset at night. any advise? i just want to feel normal again

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Swelling Following Thigh Lift Surgery

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The wound healing process following thigh lift surgery lasts for over a year. Most of the swelling resolves in six to eight weeks but small amounts of swelling may persist for up to a year. The procedure inevitably interrupts the thigh lymphatic drainage and this takes time to re-establish itself.

Patients can minimize swelling with compression garments, massage and limitation on activity levels. It's important to remember that swelling is a normal part of wound healing and should resolve with time

Can take months

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Swelling can take months to reduce but when there is a lot of firmness and pain I'd suggest you consult with your surgeon to ensure there's no evidence of fluid collections or hematomas. That could require drainage to treat and speed up the healing process. Best of luck.

Robert S. Backstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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