Medial half of lower eyelid lost. Could I have it reconstructed? (Photo)

I had an accident which resulted in zygomatic bone fracture and total medial lower lid loss as you can see in pics.The zygomatic fracture was fixed with titanium plate and is fine now.I wanted to know what procedure will be best suitable for lower eyelid reconstruction.I also have watering in the defective eye too much.Also i want best cosmetic and functional results.The accident happened 4 months ago and zygomatic fracture was fixed after two weeks of accident. Thank you doctors :)

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Reconstruction of lost eyelid tissue

It is possible to reconstruct lost eyelid tissue after a trauma. It is important to see an oculoplastic surgeon that has experience in reconstruction. Often the inside of the eyelid can be reconstructed with a tissue graft from your hard palate. The fibrous part of the eyelid may need to be replaced with a cartilage graft from your ear. The outside skin may need to be replaced with a skin graft. It is important to have a proper evaluation of not only the eyelid, but also of the tear duct system to help optimize the eyelid function after reconstruction.
In the meantime, it is very important to try and keep the eye as moist as possible to avoid corneal injuries. This involves using lubricating eyedrops throughout the day and lubricating eye ointment with a moisture chamber at night when sleeping.

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Yes, there is a solution.

There are solutions for a severe injury like this.  Seek a consultation with someone who has expertise in facial and eyelid reconstruction.  First and foremost, make sure your eye is protected and your are not drying out your cornea.  The tearing is your response to poor eye protection and damage to the lacrimal system (the duct work that transfers tears from your eye to the back of your nose).  Local skin and tissue from your forehead, cheek, and/or your upper eyelid can be used to make a new lower eyelid.  After the proper amount of lid tissue is restored, my bet is that you will also need your lacrimal system replaced with a Crawford tube for proper tear drainage.  Seek advice from someone with eyelid and facial expertise.

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Medial half of lower eyelid lost. Could I have it reconstructed?

Yes, this can be improved. You need to see an Oculoplastic Surgeon immediately. At a minimum you will need to protect your eye with a moisture chamber to avoid an injury to your eye. The tearing that you are experiencing is not only due to a lack of the lower eyelid but also results from the drying effect of your missing eyelid. Please seek a referral to an eye specialist immediately. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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