Would Medial Epicanthoplasty Resolve My Issue?

Blocked Tear Duct Treatment: Surgery to eliminate the obstruction of the tear duct or to create a new tear duct. Would medial epicanthoplasty resolve this issue? If so, would the surgery be covered by insurance IF I were to have the necessary insurance?

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Good question!

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Generally no, the medial epicanthal fold has nothing to do with tearing.  It would not be expected that operating on the epicanthal fold would have any bearing on tearing.  The tearing issue is usually related to blockage in the tear drainage system.  Please see an oculoplastic surgeon to have this system diagnosed.  Based on that exam, they will be able to tell you why you have tearing and what should be done for it.

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Medial canthus has nothing to do with your tear ducts

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and the median epicanthoplasty will not improve your drainage of tears or open a blocked duct.  See an oculoplastic surgeon for options you can seriously consider to resolve your problem.

Epicanthoplasty and tearing

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The "skin fold" in the medial canthus does NOT interfere with the tear drainage system, so epicanthoplasty will not resolve the tearing.  If the tearing is due to blocked tear duct, then tear duct surgery (DCR, etc) may be needed.  Please see an oculoplastic surgeon for proper evaluation and treatment options.


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Medial epicanthoplasty may be covered by insurance, but you will need to document condition with your Facial Reconstructive Surgeon first.

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