Would Medial Epicanthoplasty Help Me?

Added picture of front view. I think skin covers part of tear troughs and uper eyelids cover some white space on inside part, making me appear cross-eyed. I don't like my visual appearance, there is less white space on inside than on outside eyes part. When pinch skin on the nose eyes look better. Do I need medial epicantoplasty or other surgey that eyes would have same white space in both sides?

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The crossed eye appearance you are refering to is known as pseudostrabismus, and you are correct in that if one bunches the skin on the bridge of the nose it will pull the inner eyelid skin inward, but I do not see this as a problem on your photo.  In fact I see no skin overhanging your medial canthal tendon at all.  The position of your medial canthus also appears good.  I would not recommend you do anything.  Be careful!

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