Ultrapulse Total Fx Fractional Laser?

Hi, I am thinking about having deep fx/active fx done next year. I have an indented scar on my nose due to shingles and light acne scaring on the rest of my face. I am concerned about hypopigmentation. I am of hispanic origin and scored a high 3 on the Fitzpatrick scale. My dermatologist tells me there is a very small risk. I have had profractional laser in the past without any issues. What are your thoughts on the hypopigmentation risk? Thank you for your response.

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Total FX in Fitzpatrick III

We will always perform a test spot on darker skin types after appropriate pretreatment with topical skin therapy. We aim to topcally inhibit melanogenesis and optimize a result. Post-treatment hyperpigmentation is certainly a risk that must be considered in all skin types, but is seen more frequently in Fitzpatrick IV-VI categories. We also consider other potential etiologies of hyperpigmentation in the initial evaluation. Our aim is a desirable outcome with a happy patient as opposed to a new problem.

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Ultrapulse Total Fx Fractional Laser is Highly Effective for Scars

At Boris Cosmetic we have a large population of hispanic patients. We have a scar treatment program for acne scars as well as scars due to traumatic injuries, burns, or other causes. It is a highly effective program, although you should be aware that scars require multiple treatments. It would be appropriate for your doctor to do a test spot 6-8  weeks prior to your treatment, at the laser settings he plans to use for your treatment. The test spot should be in the preauricular area - the space just in front of the ear. He can watch the area heal and give it some time for observation. If your test spot is fine, most likely your treatment will not cause hypopigmentation. He can make adjustments in the settings if there is a problem. We have treated many patients with skin types darker than yours without any complications. Good luck.

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Ultrapulse Total Fx Fractional Laser?

Thank you for your question. Any time your eyes are dark, and or have some dark ethnic background, there is some risk of pigment irregularity with semi or full ablation.  I would opt for a milder (lower energy) form of treatment and possibly have to do two treatments and do them in the cooler time of year.  Discuss the options with your Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I hope this helps!

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