Combo Mastopexy with Lifting IMF? (photo)

I had implants 460cc saline biplanar two years ago, result 34DD (don't want bigger). Obvious bottom out on right side. I want a higher IMF. Too low clothing can be troublesome. Is it possible to raise the IMF combined w/a mastopexy (for nipple position) to achieve a higher placement of implants on the chest wall? will it create upper pole fullness? Desired outcome:breasts to be higher on chest w/ nipple placement accurate. Scares are not a problem want areola reduction. surgery date 3/5/2013

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Implant position, lift

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yes the fold can be raised internally from inframammary or via areoal

the areola position can then be raise as well


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Capsule sutures to fix the pocket, lift may not be necessary

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I am not sure you need a lift - capsule sutures will fix the bottoming out and help with symmetry.  If you want to be a lot higher than the left breast your areolaes would have to be moved up and medial, so a lift would be necessary.

Lifting IMF to correct asymmetry

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Hello. It is possible to raise the implant on the chest wall with a mastopexy correcting your asymmetry. To make the right implant higher on the chest wall the inframammary fold needs to be raised. This would involve removing the implant and closing the bottom of the pocket with permanent suture. Once this is completed then you can choose to replace the same implants since you would like to remain the same size. You should schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon for more information.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Jaime Perez, MD
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Bottoming out. Will mastopexy help?

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The pictures show a bottomed out right breast. The fact that you are prepared to accept scars to achieve your desired result would give the best chances of raising your IMF fold and restoring upper pole fullness in your breasts. Occasionally the use of acellular dermal matrix is also combined with a mastopexy procedure to provide extra internal support to prevent a recurrence of the bottoming out.

Sultan Hassan, MD, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon

Mastopexy with IMF elevation

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Yes,this can be accomplished with a breast lift. I would advise a short scar lift and not a peri-areolar lift.  The fold can  be raised and the nipple made equal.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Raising the IMF

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We do not have a good way to raise the IMF in someone with a un-operated breast.  IF you happen to have a low set-breast, a mastopexy will raise droopy breast tissue or a low-set nipple, but the IMF stays put.

Often, a breast reduction, or implant removal, by reducing the weight of the breast, will raise the IMF.

In your case, you have pocket expansion on the right.  A pocket plication procedure can repair that.  I would recommend that procedure for you. as it would help your symmetry, and restore more upper pole fullness on the right.

But honestly, the mastopexy would not raise your IMF level - the breast footprint on the chest wall would be the same afterwards, even if the breast itself was more uplifted.  

Hope that explanation helps.

Lift and Pocket Revision

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   A right sided pocket revision coupled with a bilateral breast lift should raise the right IMF, correct the bottoming out, correct areola position, reduce areolar size, and improve superior pole fullness.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE CREDENTIALS to perform this procedure for you. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Mastopexy and lift

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An exam inperson would be helpful to determine what would be best for you.   A lift can certainly help improve the bottoming out. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast asymmetry

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From your photo, it looks like the left breast is a sgood as it gets for you.  You can't cheat mother nature and that is the starting point you were made with.  It is the other breast that has the problem and needs a revision with a crease repair with sutures or Stratiice and a new implant.  Areolar reductions are alos easily done.  But overall, just your one breast is the issue.

Combo Mastopexy with Lifting IMF?

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The left breast implant looks properly positioned. The entire breast is somewhat lower set on the chest than it is on some other women, but not abnormally so. I would not recommend doing anything to that side. 

On the right side there has been bottoming out. That breast looks bigger (at least on this one view) and the areolar is lower and larger.

A breast lift with reinforcement of the breast fold either with your own tissue or with Strattice, and perhaps a smaller implant would give you better symmetry. 

Thanks for your question and for the posted photo. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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