No Measurement Change 6 Weeks Post Smart Lipo - Is This Normal?

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Liposuction and volume reduction

Whether you have conventional liposuction or SmartLipo or other laser-assisted liposuction, you should see some reduction in volume by six weeks.  Even if you are swollen, and many people are, there usually is significant volume reduction.  Depending on the area(s) you had done, you can ask the surgeon how many ccs of fat were removed and that may give some clue.  Sometimes if too many areas are treated, the surgeon is limited based on how much anesthetic is used and not enough liposuction is done. If this was the case for you, then if you need to have a second procedure (I usually suggest waiting for six months) then you might limit the number of areas done per surgery. Also remember, that liposuction is not a replacement for diet and exercise, so you  have to be diligent about watching your calories after surgery. You should be eating less than before surgery to maintain a lower volume of fat on your body.

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Smart lipo changes post surgery

Smart lipo is tricky.  I agree with the panel above that good results from Smart lipo is technician dependent.  The other issue in my opinion is whether the surgeon did a good examination of the area that was treated.  Most often when I see unhappy patients from smart lipo, it has to do with the fact that the patient's skin was not properly assessed for elasticity.  Your photographs would be helpful in trying to better assess and answer your question. 

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No Measurement Change 6 Weeks Post Smart Lipo - Is This Normal?

NOT usual!!!! I agree in part with Dr Khoobehi. There are 3 parameters in Smart Lipo that I follow. First, the type of Smart Lipo unit, Triplex vs 18 watt. Second, the experience of the surgeon. Third, use of local anesthesia only vs a deep sedation + local.  I wonder if your Smart Lipo doc was a PS?, used a higher power unit? and was local only used? Sorry for you issues, but it is not the laser but the user and the informed or in your case an uninformed patient. Best of luck. From MIAMI 

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It is not normal

The main concern with the smart lipo is the qualification of the performing surgeon. Please make sure that your surgeon is not a non-plastic surgeon that offer smart lipo without adequate training.

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