What Does It Mean if One of Your Breast is Hard and the Other is Soft?

My mom had transplants a year ago and her right breast is hard and the left one is soft. She also said her right arm feels different almost weak feeling. So what does that mean? Please tell me what you think it nean and asap.

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One hard breast and one soft

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The most likely explanation for one breast hardening is capsular contracture. To verify, suggest that she return to her surgeon for exam. Regular exams by your surgeon is advised.

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One Soft/One Hard Breast After Augmentation

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The most likely explanation for a unilaterally hard breast after augmentation would be a unilateral capsular contracture.  However, there are other possible causes and your mother should be examined by a BC plastic surgeon with whom she can discuss her different possibilities.

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One Breast Hard after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Assuming I understand your question clearly, your mom had breast  augmentation in the past and is now experiencing hardening of one breast. She may be experiencing a process called capsular contraction (encapsulation).   These terms refer to the process of thickening of the scar tissue layer that normally surrounds breast implants. This thickening of the scar  may cause the breasts to feel relatively firm and may cause problems such as pain and/or change of implant position or shape.

Given your description, it would be best for your mom to seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon  who can demonstrate significant experience with revision breast augmentation surgery.

Best wishes.

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