Hear Crunching Noise 1 Week Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Have I Rebroken Something?

I got the cast a little wet today and pressed a q-tip against the side of the cast (left side) and actually heard a crunching noise! Does this mean my nose is still broken and not healing right? (7th day post op) Cast coming off tomorrow, (hopefully)

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Hear Crunching Noise 1 Week Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Have I Rebroken Something?

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Crunching sound could be a shift in the nasal bones or from swelling within the nasal tissues.  either way, you should not be pressing on the cast and should inform your Rhinoplasty Surgeon ASAP.

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Crunching noise deep to a nasal splint

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The crunching noise that you heard could represent a number of things - though you should not worry about it. The nasal bones often take around 2 weeks to heal. When your splint is taken off tomorrow, you can mention the crunching incident with your surgeon who will be looking at your nose anyhow.

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Splints after rhinoplasty

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The splint after rhinoplasty is meant to hold the nasal shape and control the swelling typical in the first week. The splint will be removed after one week, though it will take a week or two longer for the nasal bones to set up and heal more firmly. Keep the splint dry to protect your result. Pushing on it may be counterproductive.

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