What Mean Necrosis?

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This is a general term describin skin that does not heal due to a lack of blood supply.It can lead to significant scarring.g

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Meaning of necrosis

It means your tissue blood supply is compromised and your tissue is dying or dead.  In most situations, wound care allows it to heal but in some instances where flaps are used, it could mean your procedure has failed.

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Necrosis means tissue death.

Death of body tissue is referred to as necrosis. Loss of some skin and fat after an abdominoplasty is an occasional complication.

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What Mean Necrosis?

Necrosis means tissue death. After a TT, if the abdominal tissue is deprived of too much of its blood supply, it is often the subcutaneous (under the skin) fat that is most harmed, most deprived of blood supply, and does not remain viable. In this case if forms hard nodules of scar, and sometimes gets infected. 

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