My nose appears crooked after Rhinoplasty, will it stay this way? (photos)

My nose is crooked that is a fact, will it stay this way 6 months post op.... If so why and why is the doctor not concerned is the surgeon waiting for the year to past and if so what will the surgeon advise me to do if this is the end result. I am not happy with the results thus far. I did not tell ppl I was having this procedure but ppl who see me here and there asked me why was my nose crooked. I literally cried

Here is a link to my previous question with additional photos)

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Complicated nasal revision surgery

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There are many issues going on inside this nose to make it crooked, distorted and asymmetric. It is best to wait at least a year before undergoing  a revision. Seek out a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to deal with the significant asymmetries. 

Bad Rhinoplasty

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I saw your pictures.  While perfect symmetry is often impossible and cartilage grafts can warp and look crooked, it unfortunately looks like your surgeon has simply not done a very good job with your rhinoplasty because there are multiple areas that look asymmetric such as the tip and the bridge.  Im sorry to tell you that you most likely are going to have to find a Revision Rhinoplasty specialist because more time wont make it better.  

Crooked Nose

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Hi,At 6 months I don't think your nose will change that much. It looks like you have some kind of implant in the tip. Was an implant used??BestDr.S.

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