Is it possible constant left lower quadrant pain directly under cannula incision is related to abdominal liposuction?

1yr post abdominal and flank liposuction. I have had abdominal and pelvis ultrasounds and CT's with normal results. This LLQ pain started after initial numbness/pain following liposuction subsided. Also to note that no follow up photos were taken by Dr. post-op, I'm assuming because of the major discoloration (red), burn appearing, color of abdomen and flank. I have this constant pain in LLQ- could this be a long term complication of cannula placement/liposuction? Anyone else experience this?

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Prolonged pain after liposuction

It is possible to have prolonged pain in an area of liposuction especially if there was a lot of post operative swelling and bruising leading to scar tissue.  I would recommend an evaluation by your surgeon or get a second opinion from an experienced liposuction surgeon if you don't feel comfortable with the response from your physician.

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