Help, I'm so scared, sad and regretful. Have I butchered my lips for life by getting the Permalip implant? Scar tissue? (photos)

When it was placed I had a huge amount of bruising in one spot. My dr had to pull and tug really hard on that one spot to get the implant through. But the implant was not as big as I had hoped and I got a syringe of juvederm added. Now there is a huge lump in the same spot. I feel so scared. Is this scar tissue? Are my lips going to be asymmetrical forever now? If I get the implant taken out and then get injections will it still have this lump and asymmetry? I'm so sad and worried please answer.

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A couple of things. I assume you just had this didn't give any time frame of when you had the procedure. Again assuming it has only been a few days, then its much to early to determine the size and symmetry of your lips because swelling is still going down. It can take several weeks for all of the edema to resolve in your lips. The lump could be swelling, filler, blood, implant... but I doubt its scar tissue, as scar tissue take time to develop. My best advice is for you to see your surgeon and let them examine you to rule out any problems. You can then ask their opinion about expected edema and other concerns. 



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Removal of permalip implants and fillers from the lips

Our office specializes in the removal of silicone fillers and permanent implants. If you are not happy with the implants in your lips, you may consider removal in order to improve the aesthetics of your lips. We feel that early removal is optimal.


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Worried about lips

You did not give any indication as to how far postoperative you are.  I am assuming it is just a few weeks. You have to wait 2-3 months to see your final result. Asymmetrical area will resolve if it is due to filler, bruising or bleeding. I am not sure I understand the rationale for putting in Juvedrerm there immediately after lip implant.
you need to just sit tight and see how it resolves and contemplate the alternatives when the swelling resolves

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