Chin implant swelling or asymmetry? 2 months post op (Photo)

I am almost 2 months post-op of medpor chin implant, screwed to bone. When I smile, my chin becomes very crooked, and when I don’t, it looks pretty normal. I can actually feel squishiness on the bigger side and not on the smaller side: a squishy layer between skin and bone and I can push my skin in further? The bigger side was also tighter for longer after the surgery and sometimes feels like a bruise when putting pressure on it. Is this normal healing? No redness/or other signs of infection.

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2months post Chin Augmentation

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Hi acbox1,

Generally, your syptoms (and the photos) seems to be due to a partial, temporary nerve trauma which is one of the risks associated with any kind of surgical procedure. This trauma also spontaneously improve as your recovery progresses, but if it bothers you so much, you can try neurotropic drugs (cyanocobalamine derivative) and possibly nerve stimulation. 

It will however be best to consult your surgeon about this first.

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