My Revision Surgery Was on 3/5/, Almost One Month Post-op.Will my 750's Drop and Fluff More? (photo)

265cc saline Mentor for 18 years, replaced with Mentor HP silicone cohesive gels. What can I do to remain perky 750cc's while working out or sleeping? Also, will they D&F as time progresses? If so, how long? I want the upper pole ares to stay as it is now~ High&firm. I'd like to know if they will D and F more because they are really firm. I've heard they get bigger:) What is the BEST way to massage them? I measured a 34DDD at Victoria's secret on 3/29/13 and am also comfortable in a 36 DD.

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Textured implants- cohesive

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 First, cohesive gel implants are firmer than standard gel implants. In addition, they are textured so do not expect them to drop too much.

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