Legs.. Is fat grafting to the legs possible?

I lost muscle mass when I was young on both my legs. My legs do not have the fullness, I spent my time in gym and haven't seen a difference on my legs. Is fat graphting to the legs possible?

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Thank you for posting your question. For fat transfer procedures, on average half of the transferred fat will eventually be reabsorbed. It is possible to transfer fat to legs, but it is harder for fat cells to survive in areas that move a lot. You will thus need a lot of fat transferred to make any substantial difference. Best of luck.

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Fat grafting

Hello and thank you for your question! Yes, fat grafting to the legs is definitely possible. Fat grafting is a very versatile procedure and can be done on different areas of the body. The main thing would be to make sure you have enough fat to donate and if you don't you may have to gain some weight before the procedure. Fat grafting results in about a 50% rate of survival of the fat cells so you may need more than 1 session. Hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck on your search! Please make sure you are evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon!

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Is fat grafting to calves possible?

Fat grafting to calves can be done to make the legs larger and more muscular appearing.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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