What if my dentist didn't clear my infection prior to surgery? Is that causing my implants to fail? (photos)

I am 26 years old I have all kinds of infection and pain. So we did an all on four implants. My dentist only called in my antibiotics on the 16th of June. My surgery was early am of June 21st. One of my implants failed and they had to remove it. They told me it was infection from before when I had my teeth? (I once had an absess there). Now I am experiencing the same pain only on my upper right. I'm 80% sure another implant is failing. It feels just like the last one that failed.

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In my experience taking antibiotics even a few days before as well as proper surgical technique results in more than adequete management of preexisting infections. The removal of teeth as well as degranulation or removal of infected tissue in the bone, such as that left behind from an abscess, will clear most if not all infections as long as the areas are accessible to our instruments. As the other doctors have commented, I would explore other possibilities as well to explain why your implants are failing. 

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Failing Implant

Hi, thank you for your question. In general, dental implants are very successful and do very well over time. In my experience, the All-on-4 is very successful as well. We are able to take patients into surgery, remove the infections present by removing their teeth, and delivering a set of implants. Patients that have post surgery infections can be due to a multitude of reasons in which the specialist that is performing your treatment needs to identify. It is very important that you visit with your dental specialist and have him/her give you an understanding of what essentially is taking place causing your implants to fail. Every case is unique and this is why you should see the doctor who is familiar with your condition and treatment. Best of luck!

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Dental implants

Hi, thanks for write... Is very important put dental implants without bone infection, this kind of disease don't help the osteointegration with teeth implant. Good luck. 

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