What could be the cause of my complications during surgery?

I had to have Dental Implants and I had complications in surgery. I kept waking up and the anesthesiologist said he had to give me more and more medicine to keep me under. Towards the end of the surgery they had no choice but to wake me up as I kept moving around a lot. I drank white wine the night before surgery and I was throwing up the morning of the surgery. I also take pain medication which I took around 3am but then threw it all up that morning before my surgery at 7am.

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It's best not to consume alcohol for up to 4 days prior to undergoing anesthesia or IV sedation. Alcohol can affect enzymes in your body that can make you more resistant to the sedative effects of the drugs being used.

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Anesthesia complications

It sounds as if you didn't follow the doctors pre-op orders. Most ask you not to take food or drink prior to surgery after 10 or 12pm. Alcohol and pain medicine can affect the way your body handles anesthesia.It takes hours for these to leave your system. Throwing up doesn't actually get the substance out of your blood stream. You didn't mention if they were able to place the implants and finish the procedure. Going forward I suggest following the doctors orders. 

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