My forehead has bumpy indentations and I don't know what has caused this. (Photo)

I am a 56 year old male, these bumpy indentations started 5 years ago. I have had enormous stress in my life !. I dont know what would cause this to my forehead. Any idea on what this is ? What type of doctor should I be consulting with ? Is the bumpy forehead (Arteries, Muscle ?) Could you recommend therapy or home treatment that would make this go away ? Frank

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Indentations in the forehead

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without additional history, it is difficult to say what the indentations are but one would typically see such a situation after irritation of the skin whether it is acne type of eruptions or sores that developed that have been traumatized by picking on them.  This is usually seen after small areas of skin infection caused by acne, chicken pox, severe insect or spider bites.  Whatever the cause, it looks like permanent depressions or scars.  A consultation with a Dermatologist would be helpful to try and determine a cause.

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