Is Mcghan`s Silicone 120 the Same As Cohesive Gel Implant?

My doctor said that the Mcghan style 120 Silicone implant was the same as Cohesive gel? Does anyone know the difference?

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Are Allergan style 120 implants cohesive?

This is a great question because there is a lot of confustion out there. The silicone that is used in the FDA approved silicone implants, by both Mentor and Allergan (McGhan), is more cohesive than the silicone used in implants in the past. The consistency is more like honey, compared to water, and it is sticky, sort of like taffy. So if the implant leaks, the silicone does not "seep" into your tissues, like the more water-like silicone of the past could.

However, when some people use the word "cohesive" they are talking about the next generation silicone implants, the so called gummy bear" implants (Allergan style 410), which are undergoing FDA trials in the United States. The silicone in these implants is the most cohesive, more like jello. These implants are available through plastic surgeons who are participating in the FDA trials. In summary, all silicone implants are more cohesive than those in the past and the silicone in the next generation implants such as the Allergan style 410s is the most cohesive. McGhan style 120 has the more cohesive silicone gel, the honey-type consistency.

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All current gel implants are cohesive, but not "gummy bears"

Implants by Mentor and McGhan(Allergan/Natrelle) are cohesive. The old days of liquid silicone implants are gone. The cohesive property of each manufacturer is slightly different, but they achieve the same goal. If the current implants rupture, they do not leak a liquid. The gel material remains intact.

The newer style implants, that are under investigation, are commonly known as "gummy Bear" implants. These are a more solid material that is truly cohesive. The original design was strictly for reconstruction, but has expanded to the augmentation market. It is unclear when they will be available for the general public, but it will not be before 2010.

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