Why Do my Breast Each Have a Different Shape? (photo)

350cc moderate fill to 360 im 15 days post op.Is this normal ? One breast is wide and the other is long , i have been so depressed since having my breast done. The doc said they look great and when they drop he thinks they will be fine , not to mention the dent in my left boob has me so sad I just want to be normal. I feel this is the worst decision I ever made. :( Do you think my breast will look good when they drop?( I though he would do MP implants so IDK why he did moderate)

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Breast asymmetry can be well corrected.


1)  I am afraid your implants are too high and somewhat too large as well as being asymmetrical,  I don't think they will drop very much.

2)  Of course, don't do anything for several months.  Things can change.  But I predict you will want a revision.

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Cosmetic Surgery is an Art and a Science

With only 15 days after surgery, it is too early to tell.You will need a few months to see the final result. Keep in touch with your surgeon.

Thomas A. Narsete, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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15 days psot breast augmentation

At 15 days post breast augmentation it is way too early.  The breasts still need more time to settle.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Early breast aug results

You won't be seeing the result of the surgery for at least 3 months so if you trust your doctor, please follow their advice and be patient with the healing process.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Need to give it more time

You are very early in the post operative.  With the implants are placed under the muscle It will take more time for you to develop a nice breast shape.  Continue to follow your plastic surgeons advice.


Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Implants Riding High

Thank you for your question.  Your implants are symmetric in position. Existing asymmetry is likely due to pre-existing asymmetry.  Your shape is also not normal because the size of your implants likely exceeded the standard range for your breast measurements.  It will take time for your breast tissues to stretch and for the implants to settle.  They will assume a more normal shape but it will take time. In the interim, wearing a breast band daily may help accelerate the process.  All the best.

George Bitar, MD
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Implant swelling

I agree it will take 3 months for the implants to settle but sometimes with this much swelling and upward displacement it can require a revision procedure.  

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
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Appearance of BAM at 2 weeks

Based on the appearance of your results, I will assume that your implants are under the muscle.  I always emphasize to my patients before surgery that the implants don't start to drop until on average 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

So let me assure you, you can not predict how the final result will look at this point based on how you look now!  It is important to keep your spirits up, and not get depressed. 

Remember, even if there are imperfections after they settle, revision surgery can fix almost any problem. 

The Asymmetry you are concerned about is due to natural asymmetry of the breasts, as well as the natural tendency of the breasts to heal at different rates after surgery.

Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry 15 days after surgery.

You did not supply your preoperative photos so it is very hard to make a comment. That said, no  one is perfectly symmetric and it is way to early to make a call on your results anyway.

I would suggest that you show your surgeon now and discuss your concerns, but most likely he/she will tell you to sit tight, let your body heal and then if there are any issues, discuss with your surgeon. Good luck.

Mark D. Epstein, MD
Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon
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Give it time

Hello. Fifteen days is not near enough time for the implants to settle. Your implants will not settle for about another three to four months and I would not be too worried about your outcome until then. Until then the best thing you can do to help them settle would be to massage and continue using any compressive dressings your surgeon had provided.

Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
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Jaime Perez, MD
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