Is a tummy tuck ever covered partially or completely due to a large diastasis recti?

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Abdominoplasty is a Cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance

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The diagnosis of Rectus Diastasis is not recognized by insurance companies as a medically necessary procedure. It is therefore not considered a covered benefit. 

This diagnosis may have been reached by physical exam or radiographic evaluation. Obtaining a thorough medical/surgical history and the appropriate radiographic studies may expand upon this diagnosis which is often considered vague and nonspecific. Subsequently denying insurance coverage. 

Plastic Surgeons and General Surgeons are both well informed and experienced with making these distinctions. If the diagnosis is truely that of a rectus diastasis then it will not be covered by your insurance company

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Will insurance cover Diastasis Recti during a Tummy Tuck ?

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Insurance companies view Tummy Tuck and Diastasis Recti procedures as cosmetic and will not cover them as they are not medically necessary.  Great question !

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Does insurance ever pay for a tummy tuck if you have a large diastasis recti?

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Thank you for your question.  In short, the answer is no.  A rectus diastasis repair is not considered a medical necessity and therefore a tummy tuck is not covered by insurance.  Essentially every patient that has a tummy tuck has some degree of rectus diastasis.  Best of luck!

Tummy Tuck - Insurance Coverage

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Thank you for your question. Insurance companies typically view rectus diastasis repair as 'not medically necessary'. Therefore, it is not a covered procedure. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon for an in-person examination and discussion of your treatment options.  Good luck and hope this helps!

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