How Does MaxoLash Compare with Other Eyelash Treatment?

How does MaxoLash work in comparison with Revitalash or Latisse?

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MaxoLash vs Revitalash or Latisse

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According to the company's website: "MaxoLash™ contains the perfect blend of proteins, vitamins and special ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid - One of nature's most potent moisturizers and capable of carrying up to 1000 times its weight in water. It also stimulates blood vessels to promote hair growth.

Glycoproteins - The potent ingredients in MaxoLash™ is a plant derived glycoprotein formulation, processing "lectin-like" activity which strongly stimulates the growth of hair follicle cells.

ProVitamin B5 - Moisturizes and strengthens eyelashes allowing them to grow significantly longer, fuller and stronger."

In MY opinion, there is nothing in these claims which has been substantiated in any published scientific studies.

As to "How does MaxoLash work in comparison with Revitalash or Latisse?" The ONLY drug that works is Latisse because it contains Bimatoprost, a PROVEN medication which prolongs the amount of time hair follicles remain active and grow. While the OLD Revitalash contained Bimatoprost, apparently illegally (causing it to settle an expensive lawsuit of patent infringement with Allergan - maker of Lumigan and Latisse) - the NEW Revitalash does NOT contain Bimatoprost which takes away the edge it used to have.

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