Maximum Width of Scar Eligible for Revision?

I am considering having a revision of a widened, slightly depressed scar on the apple of my cheek. However, i am wondering how wide (in general) a scar can be to have a revision done with favorable odds of success.

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Scar revision

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It is not so much specifically the width of the scar, but how it looks and how it went through the healing process that may or may not predispose it to a favorable outcome on revision.  This is something determined in person after numerous questions are asked and the scar is examined.

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Width of Scar and Scar Revision?

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Thank you for the question.

Based on your question and another question you have asked,  I think you have some good understanding about the issues surrounding scar revision surgery.

There is no absolute “magic” with of the scar that makes it conducive to scar revision surgery. Basically, it comes down to the physical ability to excise the scar, undermined the surrounding tissues sufficiently ( presuming enough tissue laxity),  careful closure  and as tension free a fashion as possible,  without distorting nearby  anatomic structures.  Obviously, the location of a scar on the person's body plays a big part in the decision-making process.

Your plan to possibly lose weight prior to  scar revision is a good one.  Sometimes, a "staged"  procedure ( excising the scar in more than one procedure) is necessary to accomplish the patient's goals.

I hope this helps.

Odds of improvement of facial scar

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Multiple factors will help determine your general odds for improvement. To obtain a better estimate of this, you should obtain a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Maximum Width of Scar Eligible for Revision?

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This issue best to be evaluated in person with a boarded PS in your area of Buffalo, N.Y. Check with ASPS for members who are in your city. 

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