Maximum Size Implant After Bottoming out?

2 years ago I had 345cc implants and full anchor uplift in the UK. I bottomed out pretty soon after so my surgeon performed the same operation 12 mths after (removing more skin). The same thing has happened again so I am having an internal bra (i.e. internal sutures) in a few weeks time (in the US). My question is, at 164 pounds and 5ft 10", am I able to go up to a 525-650cc implant without bottoming out again. Will there be sufficient support or will they sag again? Thank you

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Bottoming out after aug/lift has less to do with implant size than technique of surgeon

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The most important factor to where your implant will end up over time is your surgeon.  You cannot expect your skin and breast tissue to hold the implant up, only muscle, or in revision cases,  sutures will do this.  Ask your surgeon to see long term results of cases he has done that are similar to yours - this will give you the best idea of the surgical result you can expect.

Correction of Bottoming Out and Size of Breast Implants?

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As you can imagine, it is not possible to provide you with precise advice without direct examination. What size of breast implant can safely be utilize will depend on many factors such as your anatomy ( for example chest wall width), the quality of breast skin elasticity and the quality of capsulorraphy technique.

Although your plastic surgeon will provide you with specific postoperative instructions, I think limiting postoperative lifting and/or other forms of strenuous activity is very important in helping prevent recurrence of breast implant composition problems.

 Best wishes with your upcoming surgery.

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