Maximum Eyelash Growth w/ Latisse?

After using Latisse for about 5 months my eyelashes are so much longer than before. If I was to continue using Latisse (once daily), will my eyelashes continue to grow longer and longer? Or will they eventually reach their maximum length?

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Latisse for Eyelash Growth

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Now that you have achieved the length of eyelashes that you desire using Latisse, you should begin a "maintenance" dose of two to three applications per week to keep the length you like. There is no reason to continue the trouble (and expense) of using it every day.

Eyelash growth

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Your lashes will continue to grow as you use the product- and fall out in their normal hair cycle time. Use it 2-3 times a week after you get to the length that you like.

Will lashes keep growing with Latisse?

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Some patients like yourself get such good response that the lash length becomes a problem. Some complaint that the lashes smear the back of sunglasses or reading glasses. I suspect that if you keep going, they will grow to some maximum length. Once you are happy with the length, back off to 2-3 times a week.

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