Maximum Delay for Lasik Re-treatment

Greetings. I underwent lasik 18 months ago, for mediocre results. One eye was over-corrected (it was myopic and became hypermetropic), and the other has a good vision but it developed a high sensibility to light so that I can sometimes hardly read signposts or my computer screen. My surgeon and I have discussed a new operation and its risks. Still, I'm rather worried about lifting a cap that now has had plenty of time to heal. What's the max. time one can wait before lasik retreatment ?

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How long after LASIK can you have a retreatment?

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LASIK enhancements or retreatments can be performed by lifting the flap or by using PRK over the top of the flap.  Different surgeons have different philosophies and it would depend on the quality of the initial flap.  I have lifted flaps as far as 10 years later.  On others surface ablation PRK is a better option for enhancement

Chicago Ophthalmologist

There is generally no maximum amount of time for re-treatments

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There is generally no maximum amount of time for re-treatments (enhancements).  However, there are reasons to intervene earlier rather than later.  Also, re-lifting bladeless flaps becomes more difficult and sometimes impossible after a year or so.  This is a reason for PRK being used long after original LASIK surgery.

Christopher Coad, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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