What is the Maximum Amount of Fat That I Can Have Injected into my Buttocks?

If I decided to have up to 800 or 900 cc's injected into my buttocks to give me the Beyonce, or Jennifer Lopez look would that be too much fat if I wanted a nice round full butt with a small waistline. I am 5'1 and 156LBs with love handles, stomach and bra line fat.

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Maximum fat to be injected with Brazilian Butt Lift

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The amount of fat depends on how much can be injected before it becomes to taut or creates excessive pressure on the grafts. Generally the fat will "ooze" out of the incisions at this point. The skin may become dimpled ("peau d'orange"). I have heard the number 850cc discussed as the maximum amount of fat to be injected.

Buttock enhancement

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You need all the fat that you can donate, clean remove all the fluids, the  oils and get the pure fat for injection. What is left is divided into two and injected to the buttock.

Therefore the amount will depend on how much fat you have that can be liposuctioned. If you want more than that and you do not have the fat then a butt implant can be used

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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