Maxillofacial Surgery Not Done Properly?

The frenulum tissue above my upper lip was cut during my maxillofacial surgery. It wasn't sewn back properly now my upper lip sags and my nose droops. How can this be fixed?

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Sagging lip and drooping nose after jaw surgery

I suspect that sagging lip and nose dropping are not really related to the frenulum itself but to deeper incisions in the muscles that were either not sutured back together in layers at the end of surgery or the suture lines came apart some time after surgery. We surgeons place sutures but sometimes they loosen for a variety of reasons just like shoelaces loosen sometime after we tie them. Without a face to face examination and a reading of the operative report no one can give you an exact way to fix the issue. Static photos unfortunately do not help. The question is is the circular muscle around the mouth opening intact. If it is not then the skin has to be incised the muscle edges advanced and then the muscle repaired with sutures. The surgeon may have also tried to advance the lip forward to make space for the advancing bone but for some reason the advancement was too great. Swelling after surgery can also stretch and displace tissues. You should speak to your surgeon about your concerns first and then if you are not happy with the response ask for a referral or see another surgeon for another opinion.

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