1st maxillary premolar extractions and wisdom teeth. Do I really need them taken out?

I had severe crowding on my upper arch ONLY, so my orthodontist said for me to get first premolars extracted. My upper wisdom teeth began coming in a few months ago and are halfway in. My dentist told me that my lower ones are coming in straight but my ortho says that my upper ones (which are straight) will have to be removed if bottom ones don't com in or are removed. If teeth was extracted on the top, shouldn't there be room for them to com in anyway? Please answer asap, thank you! :)

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Do my wisdom teeth need to be extracted???

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Well, based on your description, it sounds like the premolars should be extracted in order to make room for the other crowed teeth.  If you chose to only extract the top wisdom teeth at this time, this would be acceptable at my office.  When a patient is opposed to having all of their wisdom teeth pulled at once, then I generally decide to only extract the teeth that are most crucial to the immediate outcome.  Often times, I will tell patients that we will watch the other wisdom teeth to see what they do and if they affect the smile.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

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