Dental bonding question. Will the procedure and crown automatically wind up filling in the space between my teeth?

I am going to be getting root canal and a crown put in my teeth to remedy a dead tooth. It just so happens that I also have a slight space between my 2 front teeth. Just wondering if the procedure and crown will automatically wind up filling in the space between my teeth? It would be nice if this will be an added benefit to the procedure? Thanks in advance.

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Crown on front tooth will close gap?

The best option is to treat the other front tooth as well, at the same time as the crown.
Otherwise you will have 2 front teeth that are different widths, and that asymmetry often looks undesirable.
You can either bond or place a porcelain veneer on the adjacent front tooth to accomplish the best esthetic result.

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

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Filling in GAp

It depends, If the space is large,  then making the one crown wider will not look natural.  Maybe you can have a bonding on the next tooth to build it out a little so the space is filled half by the crown and half by the bonding.

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