I have chronic itching/burning in one breast after silicone implants; what could cause this?

2 years ago i got silicone implants over the muscle. They are terrible and not at all what i wanted. I wanted a lift and recieved extremely large implants that cause me chronic pain. But i also have itching/burning in the right breast. Was told it was part of healing but its still there 2 years later.

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Itching and burning after breast implants

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Sorry to hear about your symptoms.  Sometimes, it's very difficult to figure out why people have chronic symptoms after any surgery.  Nerves react in different ways after being damaged at the time of surgery.  With large implants, nerves are stretched and the fatty insulation around them breaks.  If the fatty sheath does not heal properly, chronic symptoms can appear.  Nutritional supplements that can help nerves heal include a good quality fish or krill oil, alpha lipoic acid, CoEnzyme Q10, multivitamins, and multi-minerals.  Be sure to get your supplements from a natural health food store; not a pharmacy or GNC.  Occasionally, patients with chronic symptoms benefit from physical therapy or even medications such as Neurontin.  Ask your PS for details.

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