2 Weeks Post TT/Lipo: Are Matted Masses Under Skin on Each of my Sides Normal?

I had a tummy tuck and lipo of flanks and am 2 weeks post op. I have matted masses under the skin about 3-4" about incision on each side. Is this normal?

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Matted masses at the end of the abdominoplasty incision

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Hi, i would like to comment on the matted areas that you are referring to.  From the limited photograph, these appear to be that the incision lines were gathered in order to keep the incision length shorter.  This is a very common technique and resolves with time as the swelling subsides and the tissue relaxes and redrapes.  Your original post was a year ago, has the area healed well or did you get a revision of this area?  Thanks for your post.

What's normal healing after a tummy tuck?

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An examination by your plastic surgeon is the most important next step. Often it is just swelling around the incision sites, but sometimes fluid can collect, particularly if your drains have already been removed.

It looks like seroma

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The most common finding post tummy tuck that presents as swelling is seroma. You need to see your surgeon to aspirate the seroma.

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