Skin Thinner With Scarring After Matrix Rf (Radio Frequency). How To Regain Volume?

Hey! I've done four treatment with Matrix RF (radio frequency). Now it has been four months since the last treatment and I have noticed that my skin has become very thin and it feels like I lost a lot of fat in the treated areas (cheeks). The worst thing is that It always leaves scars from small pimples that come once in a while, only at treated areas. What can I do to get back the volume in the skin and strengthen it from the inside?

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Volume loss is not seen with eMatrix

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A picture would have helped proper guidance.

I have done eMatrix on many patients and I have not seen the volume loss that you are describing.

I recommend that you discuss with your provider the feasibility of injecting Sculptra under the treated areas to stimulate collagen growth to give the skin the support it needs. 

EMatrix Volume Loss

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I have done hundreds of eMatrix procedures and not have not heard of or seen either of these happen. I would suggest you contact the office that performed your treatments and get their take because these seem like more obscure outcomes.

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