Matrix RF for Mild Acne Scarring and Red Marks?

I've had one treatment of the Matrix RF for mild acne scarring and red marks. So far, my skin has broken out and seems very rough around the nose, chin, and forehead area. I did a light TCA peel about a month before the Matrix RF treatment. I'm wondering if I should continue getting treaments or just let my skin heal for a while? Has anyone used the Matrix RF, and what kind of results are seen on scars and the redness of the scars?

Doctor Answers 1

Let your skin heal and have no acne outbreaks before laser resurfacing

The combination of chemical peel followed by Matrix RF has irritated your skin and the skin debris from the resurfacing is causing your acne outbreaks and redness.

Take a break and let your skin normalize. Gentle cleansing and moisturizing is important.

Cetophil is one of the best gentle cleansers and moisturizers and is available over the counter.

I would also add a gentle vitamin C serum for healing.

Once your skin has normalized, I would investigate non-ablative fractional Erbium 1540 laser resurfacing.

Unlike ablative laser resurfacing which removes surface skin cells, non-ablative goes much deeper and stimulates the growth of new collagen deep in the dermis where the acne scars are. This new collagen plumps acne scars from underneath-a much more effective acne scar treatment.

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