Matching a Root-canaled #8 Porcelain Crown to (Stump is 24years Old) a Veneer @ #9 (Chipped Tooth)?

I have had 4 porcelain crowns replacements,for various reasons on#8.Recently I chipped#9 and needed it fixed.The dentist suggested I replace the current#8 that the#9 will better match. The#9 is great, but now, the#8 looks grey in different light.It is full porcelain with white opaque cement & just is not as good as the last one. The dentist explained to me it's because my tooth is brown, however, it was the same color under the last crown and that one wasn't this grey. Any suggestions?

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Temporary cementation of crown will help achieve better cosmetic results

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I consider single crowns as one of the challenging aspects of cosmetic dentistry. I would suggest that you should always get temporary cementation of crown first for evaluation because if you are not satisfied with shape and color then dentist can send the crown back to lab for remake but it usually involves paying extra cost for lab expense. I always discuss this aspect with my patients due to complexity of single crowns. Best of luck.

Frisco Dentist

Change the crown to the one with opaque layer inside

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You may need to go to a lab and custom shade the crown and the dentist will have to tell lab to add opaque layer 

Rimma Chertog, DDS
Freehold Dentist

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