What Can I Use for 2 Scars and 1 Bruise I Month Post Breast Lift?

i wish to get rid of 2 promanant scars and a blue bruise post 1 month breast lift. I am healing very well so far. Please advise. Claudette SA

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Scar Removal

I recommend you wait for 6 months before considering therapy.  A lot of healing can occur in that time frame.

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Scars and bruises are sometimes best treated with time and patience.

While you certainly want your scars to heal as fast as possible, it takes some time for them to mature. 

Scars go through a complex maturation that can take up to a year to complete.   During the early part of scar formation, they typically appear heaped up and irritated, over the next 10 months or so the scar slowly becomes less firm, flattens out, and becomes less conspicuous. 

Although without photos nor the ability to examine you I can't give you direct advice, I would encourage you to massage the scars to help soften them.  Additionally, you'll want to follow-up with your surgeon so that they can examine the scars and determine whether they would benefit from steroid injection (Triamcinalone/Kenalog) - this is usually done for hypertrophic/overgrown scars to help soften them faster.  Finally, you can use a silicone based scar cream/ointment to help your scars heal - many options are available and you may want to talk to your surgeon or pharmacist about what is available in your area. 

As far as the bruising is concerned, it takes time for the bruises to resolve.  In individuals with light complexions and thin skin, it can take 6 weeks+ for bruising to totally go away.  Sometimes applying heat packs to the area can help the bruises dissipate a bit quicker, but patience and time are the best treatments.  

Michael G. Brandt, MD
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