I Just Had a Mastopexy Today with Augmentation. When Can I Unwrap and Shower?

I just had a mastopexy today with augmentation. I have not unwrapped them yet and have some questions. When can I unwrap the ace and take a shower. Also, do I need to massage them to keep them from becoming capsulated. Just one more, how long should I stay home from work? I am a medical assistant at a pretty slow urgent care and am scheduled to go back next Wednesday. Is that too early? Thanks for all the advice. Debbie

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Post Op Healing Process

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You need to contact your surgeon's office to find out their opinions  about dressing removal and showering, and you want to follow al the instructions of your surgeon regarding staying home from work and managing post op care. Follow everything they told you after surgery and contact them directly with any specific questions.

Policies Vary

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Each office has different policies and opinions for postoperative care.  Part of it depends on how the patient is healing and the other the general beliefs of the surgeon.

Showering after breast surgery

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The best person to direct you on when you can remove your dressings and shower is your surgeon. You may have a set of post operative instructions that give you some direction regarding these questions. If not, I encourage you to call your surgeon and ask the nursing staff for clarification on when you may remove dressings and begin showering.

Post-op instructions

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Really, the best person to talk about your post-op instructions with would be your surgeon or his staff.

When to unwrap Breasts after a procedure

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I agree with the other surgeons, do not do anything your surgeon has not told you to do. Every surgeon has different techniques and every surgeon has a different post-op protocol. I would encourage you to follow up and call your doctors office and follow his instructions.

Augment/pexy aftercare

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I'm impressed that you came home and went onto RealSelf. You must be doing well. I provide my patients with detailed postop instructions covering these questions. Every plastic surgeon has his own protocol so I suggest that you contact your treating surgeon and do not unwrap the bandages or shower until you confirm with him that you can do so.

Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy Aftercare

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As the exact instructions vary between plastic surgeons and to some extent depends on the type of breast lift done, it would be best to simply call your surgeon's office and ask. Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy Aftercare should always be covered in your preoperative appointment in your plastic surgeon's office. As a routine we also give printed instructions.  With regard to my personal instructions, this issue comes up so often that we made a video detailing our personal preference for our patients including when to  “unwrap and shower” your breasts. 

See the below link to watch Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy Aftercare for our patients at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery.



Aftercare Instructions after Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy?

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I would suggest that you do not “unwrap and shower” your breasts until your surgeon  has seen you and  has given you the “green light”. Your plastic surgeon should also be responsible for providing you with instructions regarding activity and return to work timing. 

Best wishes.

When to unwrap breasts after surgery

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You need to contact your surgeon's office to find out what they want. Plastic surgeons often have different opinions and you want to follow those of your own surgeon.

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