Normal Mastopexy Curve / Scar 4 Months Post-op?

I recently had the kind doctors allay my fears re irregular nipple shape. Thanks. But now I am wondering about the curve of my lower breasts in particular the irregularity of the crescent both sides of the vertical scar.1. Will this improve as implants drop more? or skin stretches? 2.Are the results ok for this kind of op?3.Is a revision likely to be nescessary. I'm thinking closures perhaps weren't quite correct?Also I would like more perkiness? I would appreciate your thoughts.Thankyou all.

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I don't thnk you can get any more "perky " than that: LARGE implant and lift photo

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There is an inherent complexity of performing a lift and implant at the same time. The fact that your wounds did not open due to the tension created by the implant amazes me. Scare will fade over a period of 2 years. Teh implants will tend to drop creating the appearance of a fuller rounder bottom at the expense of loss of upper breast fullness (perkiness).

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4 months post mastopexy

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The scars fromt eh mastopexy will lighten over time, and they will more than likely round out more inferiorly with time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Lift with Implants Will Fall with Time

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Thank you for your email. The bottom of your breasts, the lower pole will round and fill out as the implants move down into the pocket-if you do not form a capsule. I would expect your scars to lighten.

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Most scars will improve with time. these scars will also probably widen, which you may not find acceptable. At that point you may have to have a revision. 

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Mastopexy scars at 4 months will continue to settle and improve!

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Your scars are still pink, which means that they have not reached maximum maturity, softness, and stretch. You can expect to drop somewhat more, and the high, tight look will continue to diminish. Your closure looks perfectly well-executed, but if you don't like your appearance after things have completely settled, then you should speak to your surgeon. I'm not sure what you mean by "more perkiness" as you have large breast volume and plenty of fullness below your collarbones. If your nipple/areola complexes are higher on your breast mound, then when your breasts settle further (and they should), you will have a "bottomed-out" appearance that WILL need surgical revision.

Give yourself some (more) time before you proclaim your surgery in need of revision. BUT, by all means, talk with your surgeon so that he and you are on the same page!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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What did you want from this operation?

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Quite honestly, I have a hard time believing you could have wanted to look so totally unnatural but then even say you wanted more "perkiness" whatever that means to you. The scar issues will improve and the indent in the vertical will improve but you will still look so totally unnatural.

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

As the breast implants fully “settle”,  you may find that the lower poles of the breasts will round out.  Sometimes, massage of the breast implants downwards ( into the breast implant pockets) may be helpful;  run this by your plastic surgeon.

Only time will tell what the final results of surgery will be  and whether you will be pleased. 

Best wishes.

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