Malpositioned Implant - Mastopexy or Mastopexy w/ Capsulorraphy?

I had a ruptured lt.implant in Sept, subsequently I a lt. capsulectomy,& removal of both saline implants & bil. reconstruction with 450 Mentor cohesive gel implants. The lt. implant is migrating inferiorly & can also migrate into my armpit. One plastic surgeon suggests a bil. mastopexy on 2nd. opinion this plastic surgeon suggests bil. mastopexy with lt. capsulorrhaphy. Which one should I do???? Help!!!

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Malpositioned Implant - Mastopexy or Mastopexy w/ Capsulorraphy

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From your description, you likely need the capsulorraphy; without photo's, I dont know if you need a lift or not.  If you did not feel that your breasts were drooping before your revision, and you did not downsize your implants, you likely only need the capsulorraphy.  If you post photos, it would help.  Good luck!

Mastopexy Versus Capsulorraphy

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Dear Gabbyg,

I am sorry that you having problems in the appearance of your breasts after your revision surgery.  This can be so frustrating and disappointing.  I don't have the benefits of your photos or a proper physical examination, so I can only speak in general, and not specific to your situation.

If the implant is sitting in an unacceptable position or moves to an unacceptable position when reclining, then the pocket around the implant is too spacious, and needs to be reduced in size and shape.  Only a capulorraphy will do this.  This surgery closes the walls down to the floor of the pocket woth perminant sutures, not permitting the implant access to that portion of the pocket that has been obliterated.  The implant will now sit in a better position and will not migrate to the sides of the chest or into the armpit.

If breast tissue is sagging off of the implant, once the implant is in optimal position, then a mastopexy is required to reposition the breast tissue and/or the nipple into an optimal position.  This procedure is independent of the implant and the pocket that it sits in.

I strongly recommend that you see a few, very experienced plastic surgeons who specialize in breast surgery and are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

Best of luck!

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