Mastectomy + Tattoos on Breasts?

Hello Dr.'s! I'm a pre-op FTM and I plan on getting a full mastectomy and masculine chest reconstruction. My question is will the tattoos that I have that begin behind my shoulder, run over my shoulder and down to the top of my sternum become distorted due to the surgery? Thank you SO much for your assistance and answers. Cheers!

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Will tattoos be distorted?

By your description, the areas that are tattooed will not be substantially stretched out, nor will they be cut into. If this advice helps you to understand your surgery better, let us know.

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Tattoos following MTF mastectomies

Without your photo, its hard to speculate on your words alone. Your chosen surgeon should be able to tell you what will be affected from your mastectomy and much does depend on what technique you will be having.

Curtis Wong, MD
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